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Maciej Sztor graduated from the Academy of Music in Poznan, where he studied under Prof. Jerzy Salwarowski. He has conducted Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Polish Radio Orchestra, Sinfonia Iuventus, most of Polish Philharmonic Orchestras, and others; during several years he was also Conductor in the Music Theatre in Poznań.
Maciej Sztor is one of the few conductors pasionated by film music, first of all from American films and musicals. He was the first in Poland to start series of philharmonic film music concerts, combining traditional symphonic concerts for classical listeners with expectations of a wide group of film lovers. He conducts film music concerts with chamber or symphonic orchestras. He has also conducted several big format film music concerts dedicated for thousands of listeners, with great symphonic orchestras, many soloists and different visual effects (Berlin, Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw...).
Maciej Sztor collects orchestral scores with editors rights for the concert using, creates and implements his own projects, writes film music himself (i.eg., The Shadow Forest by Andrzej Cichocki). He received special letters with congratulations from John Williams, Hans Zimmer and James Horner.
Special interest of Maciej Sztor is also focused on the music by the famous Polish composer Wojciech Kilar, incl. restoration from manuscripts or reconstruction of his works, for example Suite from the music to the renowned film The King of the Last Days.
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Maciej Sztor:
"Film music, contrary to popular beliefs, often challenges performers, in a similar way, works of art by great symphonists, in regard to both technical difficulties and interpreting requirements. For me, it is the music of our times as it combines tradition and modernity. This uncompromising type of music conveys, in a modern and communicative way, emotions that have accompanied mankind for centuries: love and hate, joy and sadness, courage and fear... It is written in the spirit of great symphonies by Mahler, Shostakowich and Bruckner and it often uses the same "colour pallet" that Strauss, Wagner and Ravel used in their works. My inspirations for interpreting this kind of music are great symphonic creations by Leonard Bernstein and Stanislaw Skrowaczewski. It may be effectively performed in a form of a concert, without losing its power and sense. It will live a life of its own."

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