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Poznan Chamber Ensemble


“T U T T I   E   S O L O”




Mariusz Derewecki  -  Violin

Ewelina Pachucka-Mazurek  -  Violin

Leszek Ziolko  -  Cello

Barbara Mucha  -  Harpsichord




    “Tutti e Solo” is a musical ensemble established in 1989 in Poznan, Poland by clavecinist Barbara Mucha. The artistic interests of the group are connected with Baroque and early classical music. The ensemble includes four musicians (two violinists, a cellist and a clavecinist), the number of them being extended with other instrumentalists or vocalists as variously required by the repertoire. The group owns a harpsichord which is a contemporary replica of a Silbermann’s instrument from the 2nd half of the 18 c. The musicians perform using modern technique, preferring the interpretational posssibilities of today’s string instruments.


    “Tutti e Solo” gives frequently concerts in Poland and abroad. The goup played in most major Polish cities, as well as in Germany, Sweden and France, and took part in several festivals like Wratislavia Cantans, Warsaw Palast Concerts, Silesian Beethoven Festival, Szczecin Castle Musical Automn, Polish Festival in Bretagne. The ensemble played with famous soloists like Flutists Philippe Bernold and Jadwiga Kotnowska, Sopranos Joanna Kozlowska, Iwona Hossa and Grazyna Flicinska-Panfil and others.


The ensemble’s first CD (“Jewels of the Polish Baroque”) was recorded  and  issued by DORIAN Discovery Ltd. The group made recordings for the Polish Radio, as well as arranged and performed music for the CD-Rom “The Royal Castle in Warsaw”. “Tutti e Solo” took part in the renowned program “Reisewege zur Kunst” about Poznan, realised for the German Television ARD and 3Sat.


All musicians of the ensemble are professors or teachers in the music schools, incl. Poznan Academy of Music.


The large repertoire of the ensemble includes, among others:

  •  the monographic program of the Polish Baroque Music;

  • German, Italian (incl. “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi), French, English, Scottish Baroque and early classical music;

  • Baroque and early classical concertos with vocalists or solo instruments like violin, double-bass, oboe, flute, clarino  trumpet, classical guitar and others;

  • special programs for Christmas and Easter.

   NORDWEST ZEITUNG, 15 November 1989:

   “Unueberhoerbar hohe Spielkultur gezeigt”


   HAMBURGER ABENDBLATT, 6 December 1994:

   “Sehr lebendig und kultiviert musiziert, ...erlesene Qualitaet, ...schoen warm und beseelt, ...mit virtuoser Beweglichkeit”


   THE WASINGTON POST, 28 April 1996:

   “Stylistic mastery of the small but proficient ‘Tutti e Solo’ chamber ensemble”


   GLOS SZCZECINSKI, 29 June 1998:

   “Great culture of the sound and a perfect team-work”




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